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Practical Lock Picking

Practical Lock Picking

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Quick Overview

Explains lockpicking to quick-entry techniques like shimming, bumping, and bypassing. This title is suitable for INFOSEC professionals who need essential, core knowledge of lockpicking and seek the ability to open most locks with relative ease.


Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester's Training Guide introduces the reader to the basic principles of lock picking. The book combines both easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons, and tutorials that will help security-conscious people learn how to open most of the locks they may encounter during auditing or assessment work. It covers the fundamentals of pin tumbler and wafer locks; the basics of picking; beginner and advanced training; and quick entry techniques. Whether the student will be hired at some point to penetrate security or simply trying to harden his or her own defenses, this book is essential. This instructional manual focuses on pin tumbler locks, the construction and function of which are illustrated with the aid of several diagrams. Everything from straightforward lock picking to quick-entry techniques like shimming, bumping, and bypassing are explained and shown. Guides and exercises demonstrate the use of basic lock-picking tools in order to manipulate and open these locks. The text also describes the most common "alternative" designs of pin tumbler locks and summarizes the tools and techniques that can be effective against them. It comes with a DVD filled with indispensable lock picking videos and color photos. This book is an ideal reference for penetration testers, security consultants, and IT security professionals as well as hackers.

Additional Information

Book Condition N/A
SKU 9781597496117
Author Deviant Ollam
Dimensions 191 mm x 235 mm
Format Paperback / softback
Pages 256
Published Date 3 Sep 2010
Publisher Syngress Media,U.S.
Language English
Genre Mechanical Engineering
Series N/A

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