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Karoo fossils: South Africa’s first land animals

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Release Date: October 2020

South Africa has a rich record of prehistoric animals and plants in numerous rock formations. From early vertebrate and invertebrate animals to prehistoric human beings our country has well preserved fossils which are largely unknown in other parts of the world. Our fossil record also tells us much about changes in the earth’s climate, and the formation of the present-day continents, which once lay connected to each other to form a single gigantic landmass.

This book focuses on the fossils of what is generally known as the South African Karoo, but the fossil record also extends to areas such as the base of the Drakensberg Mountains and Natal. The Karoo fossil record tells us much about the many animals which lived in what is now South Africa and include astonishingly detailed information on the origin of mammals, the early appearance of dinosaurs and the ancestors of living reptiles such as crocodiles. Fossils much like or even almost identical to those of the Karoo have been found in other parts of the world, such as India, China and even Antarctica. This book explains how new continents were formed after the time when South Africa’s primitive creatures lived and why these relatives – some very closely related! – are now found in widespread parts of the world.




Dr Michael Cluver grew up in Stellenbosh. He concentrated his research on the dicynodont Lystrosaurus, one of the few Karoo therapsids to survive the end-Permian extinction event. He was Director of the South African Museum and after his retirement in 2007, he continued to work on a part-time basis at the new Iziko Museums of South Africa.

Additional Information

Book Condition New
SKU 9781485309840
Author Dr Michael Cluver
Dimensions 245 x 168 mm
Format Softcover
Pages 120
Published Date 1 Apr 2020
Publisher Protea Boekhuis
Language English
Genre Natural history
Series n/a

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